89.4% Open Rate

  • Content features residents and neighborhoods.
  • Homeowners reference the publication up to 5 TIMES EACH MONTH (according to internal surveys).
  • 89.4% of the residents open the magazine (according to an independent village survey).
  • The publications are delivered directly to the residents, which allows business owners to reach 100% of the affluent subdivisions and homes in that area.

High Value

  • Neighborhood specific micro-target marketing.
  • Relevant content = REPEAT READERSHIP.
  • Independent survey shows 92.6% of residents found the content very useful.
  • We provide neighborhood-specific publications that feature a family from that subdivision with content about the residents.

Premier Distribution

  • Mailed directly to residents’ homes.
  • Affluent, highly educated residents and readers with buying power.
  • We’ve developed a new approach called micro-target-marketing that is leading the print media market by giving business owners the opportunity to reach highly sought-after niche markets.