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God created you and me to live the good life, and He left us a book (the Bible) as our guide. We are here to enjoy life and help others along the way to enjoy their lives too. The Good Life does not just happen to us by accident—it is intentional and purposeful. For us to truly enjoy the good life, one must first have a clear vision of what the good life is all about. I have that outlined in this book.

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By Diana Grezlovski on November 15, 2017
This is an awesome book! Jeremy did a wonderful job explaining how you can live the good life God has for you. I would highly recommend it! Easy to read and follow and great insights using scriptures A++++

The Good Life Book (Jeremy McCaslin)
By James R. Robisonon November 14, 2017
Jeremy’s life is an amazing testimony to the goodness of God and His desire to bless us. You will be encouraged when you hear his insight.

The Good Life Book

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The Good Life Book Reviews

By Patrick Potteron November 15, 2017
Jeremy McCaslin has written a wonderful, easy to read and powerful book that can help anyone interested in bettering their life with God’s help. Jeremy not only talks the talk but I have witnessed him walk the walk in his daily life. A great read !