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“Jeremy is a rocket ship. He has an unusual ability to will, plan and execute the reality he deems necessary…or exhilarating. He adheres to basics and understands human nature. He is a positive influence on any professional willing to accept great advice.  Jeremy, is a sherpa when it comes to guiding people on success thought.”

Dave Durand

Chief Executive Officer , Best Version Media

Great talk today! Loved it!
So many great hands-on tips to being effective!
An honour to have you leading in this business Jeremy!
Michelle Wein

Publisher, Best Version Media

I highly recommend Jeremy and the excellent training that he provides. He comes with enthusiasm for life and an optimistic energy. The training provided at Bonneville Machine in Salt Lake City was substantive and effective! He can make you laugh and seriously think of how you can be better at what you do! Everyone needs to take time out and learn from the way Jeremy presents the most critical sales principles to help you be successful!

Wade Rumsey

Sales Director Idaho Region, Bonneville Machine

“Jeremy is an undeniable sales talent to every degree at which it may be evaluated. He is a consistent performer with tangibles and intangibles that drive sales results. His work ethic and integrity are great. As a colleague of Jeremy in an extremely competitive environment he is loyal to his clients and to who he is as a person. As great as he is a salesperson, he is a better person.”  

Daniel Migliore

Account Manager , hibu

“Jeremy was one of the most consistent and hard working individuals I had the pleasure of working with at Impact. He was a quick learner and set the pace for many. Whatever Jeremy does, he does it wholeheartedly”

Matt Dickerson

Church Engagement Team , Films

I have know Jeremy for several years and it has been a pleasure utilizing his services on various projects. His sales style is low-pressure and highly effective. I look forward to attending one his sales seminars.

Tony Yelle

Insurance Agent at Farmers Insurance , Farmers Insurance

“I have known Jeremy McCaslin since 1995, during those years he has given me great recommendations for advertising here at New Beginnings Christian Church.

Jeremy has consistently shown integrity and diligence for helping organizations with his Marketing and Advertising skills. He looks forward to the responsibilities and new challenges and always perseveres in his accomplishing them.

I highly recommend Jeremy for any Marketing or Advertising services that your organization may have need of.”

Reverend Joseph Sorce

Pastor, New Beginnings Christian Church

I have admired Jeremy for several years.  At first, he was a name on sales reports that impressed me from a distance.  Over time, I was given the opportunity to observe his approach to life and sales on a daily basis.  Ultimately, I was blessed to have Jeremy as part of my team.  This afforded me the opportunity to understand the mechanisms behind his stellar sales success. Jeremy has a gift of uniquely merging faith, goal-setting and sales strategy…resulting in consistently exceeding expectations.  If you have the courage to stretch yourself, I strongly urge you to pay close attention to what Jeremy has to say.

Bo Lockhart

Former District Manager, LinkedIn Profile

“Jeremy McCaslin has provided helpful assistance and counsel for promoting our church and Paul King Ministries, Inc.  He understands the unique needs of churches and ministries and desires to further the work of the Great Commission and the Kingdom of God.”

Dr. Paul King

Lead Pastor, Higher Life Fellowship; President of Paul King Ministries., Paul King Ministries

Here is what Jeff Prows, sales manager @ Bonneville Machine had to say about my seminar.

Posted by Jeremy McCaslin on Friday, April 3, 2015

“Jeremy is a driven sales expert with a commitment to integrity. His success flows from his deeply rooted character and passion to help others reach their goals.”

Shane Harwell

Sales Leader , Impact Productions

I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do a one-on-one call with me. After our talk, over the next 3 weeks, I sold $96,000.00 and went into print. I would urge anyone to take the opportunity to talk to you. Thanks for what you do, and I will be sure to pay it forward.

Lauren Hull

Publisher , Best Version Media

Jeremy, I love your concrete and straight to the point sales advice. You definitely have helped me in my formation as a young salesmen.

Lucas Fassbender

Florida Publisher | SWFL Market Manager , Best Version Media

I recently attended a seminar of Jeremy’s. I was very impressed with his knowledge of marketing strategies and social media. Not only did I gain a lot of valuable information from this seminar but I went away knowing that I could apply what I learned to my company and benefit from it greatly.

Tammy Ross

Owner , R L Photography

Jeremy is a purpose-driven rainmaker and entrepreneur who understands the power of now. Achieving superior results wherever he is planted, Jeremy has always maintained strength of character and integrity, coupled with a tenacious resolve to see those around him succeed.


Anthony Carrano

Managing Partner and President , ZFactor Group

“Jeremy McCaslin has worked in the field of marketing for many years. Throughout those years Kenneth Hagin Ministries has had a wonderful working relationship with him, along with an overall fantastic experience.” -Rev. Lynette Hagin

Rev. Kenneth & Lynette Hagin

Pastors, Rhema Bible Church

Jeremy is a true professional sales executive. He worked with some excellent sales reps and benefited from those experiences. Then he continued to grow and learn on his own. Jeremy is a plus to any social or professional environment.

John Beaver

Partner , SeniorsTech.net, LLC

I have known Jeremy since 1999 and had the privilege of working alongside him at 3 different sales organizations. He is well respected by many including myself, on both a professional and a personal level. You could write a book on his achievements, awards and recognition by peers and management, but I will give just a highlight. I remember a particular week very vividly where he sold 17 new sales in one week. To put it in perspective, the goal was 12 for the entire quarter. That was not any fluke, because he has been at the top of the sales charts for many years. If you were going to start a sales team and needed a leader that you could build around, you wouldn’t have to look any further than Jeremy McCaslin. He not only sets goals, but goes after them with tenacity and consistency that you rarely see. With all that said it is great to know a person of integrity that tells you he will do something and does all he can to keep his word.

Thomas Carrano

B2B Sales Professional

Jeremy is one of the best sales people I’ve ever met. Having known and worked with Jeremy for the past 15 years I’m always amazed at his work ethic, knowledge and desire to grow. One thing about Jeremy is that he won’t stop until he meets his goal.

Tim Yeager

Owner , Tim Yeager, CPA, PLLC

Jeremy is phenomenal sales person and his success is due to his passion for selling and his relentless discipline and dedication. Moreover, Jeremy is the type of person that makes others around him better people in all areas of life.

David Nasr

Business Development Executive , Specific Systems

Here is what Wade Rumsey, Sales Director Idaho Region, Bonneville Machine had to say about my sales seminar.

Posted by Jeremy McCaslin on Friday, April 3, 2015