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Jeremy McCaslin

Jeremy McCaslin

Founder, Legacy Media Group


Entrepreneur | Investor | Philanthropist |

 Jeremy McCaslin is the founder of Legacy Media Group LLC in Tulsa,OK. Legacy Media Group is a thriving media company that is involved in publishing, advertising, branding, sales training seminars, sales coaching, and many other media projects.  Jeremy enjoys entrepreneurship, sales training, writting, travel, coffee and more coffee. Jeremy lives in Tulsa,OK with his wife Anna, son Zachary and daughter Aubrey.

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Sales & Marketing


Sales Trainer


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What We Offer

We help small business owners with all things marketing, branding and sales training.

We help small and medium business owners reach their target market! We have many proven strategies that include a powerful branding platform that we call “social media in print” through our hyper-targeted community magazines.  We also can help your business with all things digital including Websites, SEO, Social media, Landing pages and Video. Our goal is to get your business results.  Branding, digital, social and print.

As a highly succesful sales expert with twenty years experience, we help others reach their sales goals with a proven sales system.  See what others say about Jeremy and his sales training.

  • Brand Consulting 100%
  • Marketing Campaigns 100%
  • Sales Training 100%

Jeremy McCaslin Awards

Award Winning Sales & Marketing.

Marketing/Branding Strategy

Many small business fail not because they are not good at what they do, but they are not good at letting others know what they do. We have many years experience in helping SMB’s design a proven marketing strategy that really works.

Sales Training

Sales is part art and part science.  As a sales expert and top in his field for twenty years, Jeremy has a proved method to help your increase your sales and win.

Join us for an upcoming sales event.

Motivational Speaker

Every team needs motivation to stay the course.  Let Jeremy work with your team on sales strategy and motivate them to be the best they can be.

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What Kind Of Clients Do You Work With?

We work with many different clients from the small  business owner to the saleperson looking for that extra edge in sales.  Our ideal client is a small to medium size business owner or  salespeople looking to take their business to the next level.  If you own a business and need help with sales and marketing your business or if you are a salesperson looking to increase your sales, we can help.  Contact me today to start the conversation.  There is no obligation.

How Much Will Your Services Cost?

We work with many different budgets and normally have something to fit every budget.  The intial consultation is free and there is no obligation to hire us.  Contact me to start the conversation and we will see if we are the right fit for you.

Do You Have Testominals?

Yes, in fact we have many great testimonials and happy clients.  Here are a few things that others are saying about Jeremy.

Can You Promote My Business In Tulsa?

Yes, yes and yes.  We publish four (4) exclusive magazines that are mailed directly to the most affluent homeowners in the Tulsa metro.  89% of the residents open the magazine (according to an independent survey). Survey shows 92% of the residents find the content very useful.

  • 89.4% of the residents open the magazine (according to an independent village survey).
  • Independent survey shows 92.6% of residents found the content very useful.
  • We provide neighborhood-specific publications that feature a family from that subdivision with content about the residents.
  • The publications are delivered directly to the residents, which allows business owners to reach 100% of the affluent subdivisions and homes in that area.

“Jeremy is a rocket ship. He has an unusual ability to will, plan and execute the reality he deems necessary…or exhilarating. He adheres to basics and understands human nature. He is a positive influence on any professional willing to accept great advice.  Jeremy, is a sherpa when it comes to guiding people on success thought.”

Dave Durand

Chief Executive Officer, Best Version Media

“Jeremy is a driven sales expert with a commitment to integrity. His success flows from his deeply rooted character and passion to help others reach their goals.”

Shane Harwell

Sales Expert

I highly recommend Jeremy and the excellent training that he provides. He comes with enthusiasm for life and an optimistic energy. The training provided at Bonneville Machine in Salt Lake City was substantive and effective! He can make you laugh and seriously think of how you can be better at what you do! Everyone needs to take time out and learn from the way Jeremy presents the most critical sales principles to help you be successful!

Wade Rumsey

Sales Director Idaho Region,, Bonneville Machine

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